What will make you a Great Design engineer?

Let’s make it very straight that knowing a CAD software does not make you qualified enough to be a Product Design Engineer.

Designing is not just about knowing few commands and tools available on CAD platform. In industries, as a Design Engineer, you will never get a 2D drawing to be built as a model. That’s what a draftsman does, not an engineer.

As a Design Engineer, you must have a fair understanding of all the process involved in the process of a product design.

Expertise in CAD software is not enough | Great Design engineer

Most of us are good Designers. But in a broad spectrum, it takes more to be a Design Engineer.           (Read my post on What will make you a Professional CAD Designer)

Before you start designing on any CAD platform, always ask yourself the following question:-

  1. What are the product and its applications?
  2. How does the product function?
  3. What could be the possible alternatives to this design?

Because knowing the functionality is very important. That’s what differentiates you from a draftsman…….

Understand the Manufacturing Processes | Great Design engineer

The designer should be aware of the basic manufacturing processes. Such as Casting, Moulding, Machining etc. and the different approach used to manufacture the product.

And for those of you, who are wondering how’s Manufacturing related to designing a product. Let me introduce to you to “DFM” or Design For Manufacturing.

DFM: Designing product in such a way that it could be manufactured easily.

For eg: For Designing all the components will require Casting, must have a certain draft angle.

The designer has to make sure that all the necessary precautions are taken beforehand, prior to sending the drawings for real-time manufacturing.

Importance of Material Selection | Great Design engineer

We have seen a lot of real life examples depicting the negative effects of wrong material selection which includes product failure in the market.

Every year companies and manufacturers have to incur a huge loss due to improper selection of material.

Companies sometimes have to either pull back the product or pay a justified compensation, whichever applicable and this involves a huge loss of both capital and time.

Therefore, functionality in the main agenda is to understand the fact that though we have numerous ways to build a product but the final deciding factor for its manufacturing is its functionality in the real time environment.


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